A Compromis That Works for Everyone... Armor Coating Customization Feedback / Suggestion

I would really love to see this or anyother similar customazation system. It gives us players more options and ways we can interact with our spartans other than money.

Still I think this is going to take too long to implement and might not get in cause of it and also, the store has them reciving A LOT OF MONEY but im still hopfull that maybe more people get in on this so we can see a fun and fair aspect of the game we love come back and better.
Hopefully 343i can do it .


I don’t think they’re ignoring it, but I do feel they’re unable to say anything about it. They made a statement in the pass explaining that this was the new monetization rout and it’s what they were sticking to so as far as any changes go I doubt we’re going to see anything any time soon. This could be the next 10 years :confused:

It’s really unfortunate. They’re selling more reach armor in the shop right now for $20 USD that I feel should have been included in the pass that used to be 120 levels. Every week I get on the game I feel less and less motivated to play… The gameplay is so much fun for me, but as an old player of the franchise seeing what they’re doing with MTX is just so off putting. It feels wrong. You don’t earn anything anymore. You just pay, and the weekly rewards are so bare bones there’s no motivation to even finish it. I just do the challenges because it’s the only way to make progress in the BP.

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All we need is a Warframe style color system.

Ideally, Anthem’s would be better. Same color channel design, but with a full color wheel and individual texture options for each channel.


That would be ideal but that would reduce their ability to monetize.

Anthem’s system itself was monetised, mainly the materials that effected the colours & more parts for the javelin, problem was there wasn’t much at all for both I believe, combined with the overall game’s state that got left behind so to speak.

Well if they had a bigger storefront with more items to buy, that could fix that issue.

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Bigger storefront more options to buy things

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Very true! I agree with that.

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This is great! I love it :smiley: imo coatings are pretty smart and would give players more expression if they let us pick colors

I also made a post where i thought up fixes for alot of the customization, and not only did I made a fix on it but made like a whole doc about it. Ill edit this post with a link once im @ my pc, but to give a TLDR, the coatings in the store are viewed as templated, and you can change the colors that are affected. Like the G2 coating or that one HCS coating that has a pink arm and blue arm.

Of course a full customization option would b awesome, with buying different paint types or levels of scuffness etc. (I think i had that fix on my post as well)

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That already happens with the current system we have. Chances are that if Red was the primary color you want for your Spartan, then your Spartan already has a red coating. Giving the player more freedom over the exact pattern and additional colors wouldn’t change much.

…that’s my point - it does already happen.
It shouldn’t.

Especially in a competitive game.

This isn’t a thread for debating 343’s decision to remove RvB and implement highlights instead. This is purely about getting our freedom to select individual colors again and not be railroaded down the narrow list of coatings available.


While it’s off topic there’s a setting in the UI that lets you change player identification colors. For the enemy I use yellow as it’s bright and easy to see. You can’t get confused with that like you can with red and yellow doesn’t blend with the environment as easily.

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I’m sorry, is the title not “A compromise that works for everyone”?
I’m saying your compromise doesn’t work for me… because its still allowing personalised colourisations of armour in team games - which I don’t agree with.

Once again, this is not about the RvB debate. This is purely about customization options and the replacement of coatings. If you want RvB again instead of the highlight system go to a thread about that because this thread isn’t about removing the highlight system.


I really really really really hope we get something like this down the line. It would be absolutely perfect.

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You have giant distracting outlines that you can change the color of and are so thick you can hardly see the enemy coatings anyways. I can’t imagine it’s that difficult for you to tell that the enemy with the red name tag, who’s glowing red is an enemy.

Maybe on Xbox…
I’m on PC.
I see their armour detail and colours infinitely more than the outline.

Thus, my original point, I see players in red armour, running around on my own team, which matches the same colour as the shield flicker of the enemy team, resulting in me react-shooting them… and in some cases, killing them (when their shields are already broken).

The game should always be Red v Blue…
and as much as IceSki wants to say “this isn’t a RvB debate” - they’ve titled it a compromise that works for everyone.

It is NOT a compromise that works for everyone.

You must be unable to read then as the second half of the title says “Armor Coating Customization Feedback/Suggestion.” Where does it state that this thread is about target identification?

If you want to debate the Friend or Foe highlights go to a thread on the topic like this one.

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