A Compromis That Works for Everyone... Armor Coating Customization Feedback / Suggestion

I made a reddit post that seemed to gain interest and was suggested I post it here. Unfortunately I can’t post the images that illustrate the idea, or any links to the reddit post in question. If you’re interested and would like to find it in order to view the illustrated version of the i dea feel free to add this after the reddit url:


The general idea is to add an additional armor coating option that lets players select individual aspects of the armor core and choose colors from a standard palette with the ability to purchase additional palettes, textures such as metallic / matte / pearlescent, and patterns that can be used on those individual armor core components.

I’m not asking 343i to get rid of what we currently have. I’m just asking to add what players are asking for in addition to their current unique system. What do you think about it?


This would literally be a near perfect system and get me to actually want to spend money on cosmetics. Right now the cosmetics and the restrictions they have make me just not want to even bother and not spend money that I normally would. Destiny and Warframe I spend a lot cause the systems have more customization that gets me invested. I currently have no reason to be invested in infinites customization and by extension cash shop. But this suggestion would fix that and be a win-win for everyone involved.

Please 343 look at this, we really want a system that gives us control of how our character looks and make it unique to while also supporting yall and this would be a nearly perfect way to do so and would generate a lot of fan hyoe and good will.

The Halo community has always been excited and invested in customization but a large amount of players are unhappy with the restrictions of the current system and have barely bothered with customization and by extension the cash shop. Since the multiplayer is F2P and needs revenue from cosmetics, changing the system to something like what op suggests and has mock ups of would increase the amount of things to sell and would increase the number of people who want to purchase the items to customize themselves with since now they would have some more control over how they look.

It’s a win-win for everyone, please 343 yall made an incredible system that currently is not being utilized to its full potential


I would pay for additional colors and textures. I like the idea. I’m not opposed to spending money to color my spartan. But I do want my spartan to feel personal. Right now with the system we have buying a coating feels counterintuitive to what I want, because if I’m choosing some coating that someone else designed, then it makes my spartan feel less personal than just using one of the basic recruit coatings. Wearing a “unique” coating and having someone else wearing the exact same one makes me feel like some other girl wore the same dress as me to the prom. Not a good feeling. 343, listen up, I’m saying I would pay you money if you had a system like what’s mentioned here, but I won’t pay you any for the system you have now.


Yes! This is the sort of customization I want to see!

I would be so much more willing to spend real money on customizing my Spartan if it was like this. The current customization system (paired with the ungodly slow and grueling battle pass) is not at all consumer friendly, and is nearly as restrictive as the customization for Halo CE.

I want to start a match and not have the exact same look as the other players on my team. If you want Spartans to look unique and feel personal to each player, this current system just isn’t it. The proposed idea here that OP has given is so much more enjoyable.

One of my favorite parts of playing Halo Multiplayer in the past is just seeing what sort of customization people can come up with. I would spend time after matches to see what others armors were like, because it’s always nice to see everyone’s personal touches on their armor.

Currently, I have no real incentive to spend any money on cosmetics when I’m just going to look exactly like several other people. I would spend money on this proposed compromise. This, plus being able to customize our emblems like we’ve been able to in the past, and you have a perfect customization system that makes everyone happy.

Takes notes, 343.


This is an absolute no brainer. It expands 343’s monetization opportunities and opens up the customization for the players at the same time. Something has to change, and it very well could be a lot like this


This is what I’ve been talking about since the beginning, or at least to some degree. Even with a system where the player has full reign over color customization they still have the ability to monetize plenty of aspects that the coating system covers. Like new color palletes being sold along side the original colors would alone probably sell way better than any coating bundle ever will. I just hope that 343 sees this and recognizes the potential of a system like this, especially from a buisness/monetary standpoint. Also nice job on the ui redesign, it looks really good.


This would be a great system , hopefully we can keep this at the top and they will take a serious look at it.


Yes, this is absolutely needed for infinite, if they added this i’d definitely be willing to buy quite a few coatings/palletes if i had free customization of my spartan.
S colors at the least!

Hell if this was introduced on launch or prior it’d be even greater since it shows 343i has heard us from the beta and flights + they’re making more money, I mean just look how much other games make using a system like this opposed to just locked uncustomizabe coatings. There is certainly an increase in money earned And player satisfaction


This is the way. Hope this gets attention from 343


Yes! Coatings still exist as color presets, but we have additional options for deeper personalization. Similar to the Anthem/Warframe systems. Deeper customization and freedom, but can still be monetized so 343i gets their payday. I’d gladly pay money for a bunch of different shades of metallic red if it meant I could use it whenever, wherever, and however I want.


They should just bring normal color customization back.


Great idea, I think 343i has demonstrated a great willingness to engage with their audience and the community as a whole. I hope they carry this feedback focus further and take on board some of your suggestions.

Monetisation is necessary with infinites multiplayer being free, and I think you’re concept strikes a perfect balance between the wants of the community and the needs of 343i.


Yes! This is so good! I hope they listen


I would LOVE this, please do it 343


This is the best solution available. Warframe makes a KILLING on palette sales because even though the base colors work, the purchasable palettes are cool af. This approach also takes Rocket League’s monetization into account, allowing for materials and patterns to be sold for yet more fair profits. Please, 343. This is it. Infinite is ftp so if you want to make money on colors, this is it. I would ONE HUNDRED percent purchase the -Yoink!- out of color and pattern options associated with this model. Just take this suggestion and run with it. It’s phenomanal.


Reminds me of Warframe’s color customization in a way. You have the core “Texture” that can be altered in different parts (primary, secondary, tertiary, accent, energy). The core texture is decided by the initial “skin”, but the various components of the skin can be recolored. The more advanced paint colors have to be purchased or earned in some fashion.


This would work so freaking well, I would love it if 343 implemented this to the game.


this looks awesome. I bought the battlepass but it feels really lacking in terms of customization. I probably wont be spending any more money on points/cosmetics unless a system like this is implemented.


This is absolutely the right way to implement armor customization, I really hope 343 sees this and seriously considers it. As a Halo fan since CE, I’ve really been enjoying the gameplay of Halo Infinite, but the amount of content and customization has been rather disappointing. I know Forge is coming (eventually) but in the meantime it would be amazing if the devs could implement a customization system like the one you’re suggesting.


I adore this look - it looks like exactly thing I’ve been wanting in customization in Destiny 2, which is similar with coatings/shaders.