A complete guide on vehicles

Okay. So basically im just sick and tired of people complaining about how the vehicles are “too weak” or “made out of plastic”. In my opinion, i think that 343i nailed the vehicles. Theyre 100% perfect. And ill explain why.


The warthog of halo 5 can be downed in a matter of seconds by enemy ARs and BRs but in the right hands can be a disaster for the opposing team. In a game of warzone it can be used to delay enemies from pushing to the middle base (garage/fortress/spire) right from the very beginning of the game which can change the outcome of a game. However going into the later stages of the game it becomes increasingly difficult to survive in one because the enemy team will eventually call in heavy weapons and vehicles to battle against you. This however is when its a good time to upgrade to the oni hog but upgraded vehicles is for another discussion.


The scorpion relies on allies more than ever before. The best way to use a scorpion is to use it like a sniper rifle. Stay at the back lines and snipe away noobs. If you are not with allies then chances are that the enemies will eventually have enough of your bs and board you.

Im sorry guys i cant be bothered writing up a guide for every vehicle just yet but if you are also irritated by the vehicle newbies on here, down below write a guide on a vehicle or just post what you think of my guide

If you aren’t going to take the time for each vehicle don’t call your post a “Complete Guide”.

About time someone wrote this! God.