A Community Conspiracy Theory

Halo Infinite has a lot of issues. Having that been said, we see negative feedback ranging from petty to exaggerated to outright fabricated.

Examples: “the coatings being dirty is a predatory business model”, “the maps are the worst in the series”, and “controller aim assist turns bad players good”

As we all know, there are those who want to see this game fail. Could they be going out of their way to make that happen?


I’ve noticed one of the biggest issues is that people (admins) keep removing serious topics because they must feel so sort of way about them. Lots of favoritism going on.


some people sure seem to be going out of their way to call this game out, and others do the same trying to defend it. myself I’m in the middle i love halo I don’t really care what company runs the IP bungie was good, 343 was good until they overreacted to the criticism of H4 and began to focus too much on the competitive side of MP and not the fun side.

I’m personally so very tired of the PC master race kids saying controller is OP when we who are on controller can barely aim. while I wish we had clean armor i don’t see it as predatory, quite the opposite, I don’t want to buy armor covered in dog poo. the maps are just mediocre IMO nothing to get upset about, but I’m never hyped to play on any of them.

the things I do call this game out on are its desync, lack of dev support (the lies they tell us are just sad at this point and we’re only two months in). the weapon sandbox (I can’t stand 90% of it esp. the shock weapons), its ranking system, melee, the aforementioned aiming issues, and it’s extremely boring campaign.

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there is quite a bit of noticeable bias isn’t there? and a lot of people are getting away with stat flaming

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Indeed. It is sad the state that the game AND community are in. Everybody just flinging feces all over everyone else and not focusing on what we need to do. Which is come together unanimously and present our arguments to 343.
I agree about your take on the game too. I’m mostly just MEH about the game, the whole game overall besides the fun free roam ability of campaign the game needs a real overhaul imo. The maps, most weapons, DESYNCing (OMG), no co-op, cash grabbing and a lot of other stuff needs attention. But people just ranting about stuff without a direction or evidence is just muddying the already murky waters we’re in :frowning:

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Everyone knows the ministry of truth at 343 is incapable at not telling the truth

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