Halo 2 classic had a clan system which much enjoyed. It added an extra friends list and even had its own playlist. The system would be perfect for h5 since lots of people have clans and love doing clan battles especially in halo. Call of duty has its own clan system called cod elite. Why can’t we get a system like this for h5.
It’d be really great not to hear IDC if my clan loses a clan battle not like it actually matters. In h2c you cared if your clan lost since it made your clan look bad. You truly cared. It’d be really cool. And to make things better. How about every weekend we have a tournament. Each clan(that has signed on halo elite lol just a name guess) that wants to compete has a team of 4 (they must be confirmed members in your clan only.
The system will confirm the following players in your clan clan tag will say as well) They will use competitive game types and this will determine which clan is the best! They will be the clan kings and will hold the title for 1 week until the next tourney. It’d be really fun and awesome to have that. Think of the clans deciding who’s their 4 best players and they only have a week to prepare. The nostalgia would be unbearable. 343 You know people would be excited for this. And if you truly want h5 to be the best game ever a clan system could really increase the ratings for the game. I hope this was some constructive criticism since I really enjoyed the beta.

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Sounds like a good idea, which means 343 is guaranteed to not use it

Yes why doesn’t the community address this already!?! If people want they’re classic halo back they’re forgetting one important thing, CLANS!

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Don’t be too negative if its such a simple mechanic they’ll do it we just gotta make some noise but no, everybody wants to -Yoink- about the game…

IDK 343 might do something like the clan system itself. But the tournament thing most likely not lol.

Wish it had that system implemented into it man