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this is only to be used by me and my friend


ONI is everywhere


halo reach was good for clans in a way that halo 4 cant live up to

i got 2 hours before i can go home

nobody care about these random posts but its good to have a place to clear your head and filter your thoughts sometimes

who would win locke or chief?

Locke would likely win due to advances in his armor and he is trained to hunt spartans. he is also likely to use stealth due to his training and he would get the drop on chief.

yeah man, im gonna have to agree with you on that one.

Well there would be a chance that chief would win but its quite slim

well maybe not as slim as you think

please elaborate

well chief has a lifetime of training while locke doesnt along with the fact that the chief has faced the covenant on many fronts.



well chief is likely gonna die during or after halo 5

i expect the same thing

few would want it but its kind of inevitable

yeah, its quite a shame but hopefully 343i make the most of it before they kill him off.