A Change of Heart - JustAlex1997

If I’m known for one thing in the Halo community, it’s undoubtedly the “if you love Halo, boycott Halo Infinite” Tweet. After beating the campaign via Game Pass, I have to admit that it’s one of the best in the series. I’ll be buying it, and I hope others will too. Buy the campaign, not the cosmetics.

343 Industries proved me wrong. The franchise doesn’t need to switch hands. They just need a change in leadership.

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Why would you buy it if you’ve beaten it already?

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To own it physically, to replay it since this Game Pass subscription was a one-off for me, and to show Microsoft what to further invest in.

I played it with gamepass too, and it’s good, but still am not buying it, until it at least has coop and replay mission. AT LEAST. And hopefully fixes a ton of MP issues. Not buying another battle pass either.