A Challenging Challenge Problem

First of all, I am a huge fan of Halo Infinite as a whole. The gameplay is fun, the modes are a blast, and the kinetic weapons are very crisp. That being said, I have a few massive issues with it as well. My main complaint is with the challenge system and the leveling up of the battle pass. There have been multiple challenges that have simply not worked for me. For example, both my friend and I had a challenge to get kills with the pulse carbine. We both killed more than was necessary over a few games, and we got no progression on our challenge ever. Eventually, we both had to reset the challenge so we could try and progress in the battle pass. This also happened to me with some vehicle kills, although I was eventually able to complete them somehow. I know that the challenge system is new, and that with change comes the hard task of learning a new way to play. That new way to play, in my opinion, is not very fun. if challenges were not the only way to level up, and I could level up even at a slower rate, just playing the way I want to play, I would have less of a problem. Granted, the daily challenge of just playing games is the one saving grace of this system. As a player however, not getting XP every round doesn’t feel good. It is nice when I do get it, but it feels disheartening to go an entire round and get nothing for it. I am almost done with the weekly challenges, and I’m not against a grind, SPR 152 in H5 is proof of that, but feeling like nothing is getting accomplished is just not fun. Don’t get me wrong, I will still play this game way too much, but these aspects of the game are rather frustrating as someone who loves this game series. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


I feel you there are a few challenges that I have that I should have already gotten, such as Spartan Killer: Kill enemy Spartans in Slayer 0/3. Well, I have certainly killed many spartans in a Slayer game but the challenge still reads 0/3. Also the Even Challenge I Have, Hold Forth the Sword, which says Win Fiesta Matches 0/1. I’ve won a few games so far but it is still at 0. Pretty sure there is a bug going on here.