A Bunch Of My Halo 4 Vids

My YouTube has a few Halo 4 vids (and some old Reach stuff) that I don’t think I posted here. Gonna put all of them here, and perhaps and new ones I make. I’m not big on ‘MLG sniper’ clip shows since I was never impressed by that. I try to catch moments of overall skill, some humor, and moments only a sandbox game like Halo can create. Enjoy.


My first vid, using Bungie’s Render Video service.

Here’s one all about getting guys off vehicles.

Halo 4:

A random collections of cool moments and runs.

This vid highlights some decent Thruster Pack use.

This special vid focuses on one 1v1 match, a playtest of my CQC map/gametype.

Here’s a collection of random clips, most using a free stationary camera. I did a lot of crazy angles during Halo 3 and Reach and will try to return to that.

And since you’re here, take a gander of a map I put together last week. Playtests begin this weekend if you’re down. I need some clips of this in action.