A BTB Perspective on the Arena Beta Starting Guns

First: I want to outline how I’ve played Halo since 2003. I like to play without a mic, frequently switch weapons, and focus on BTB. I’ve wrecked teams with Banshees and I’ve helped any many players get a perfection by keeping the warthog mobile and positioning it favorably. I can also fantastic at preventing other teams from doing the same. I adore the noob combo. I’m more interested in fighting 1V1 within a larger battle than 4V4 arena combat. HOWEVER because 343 has decided to only preview Halo 5’s 4V4 combat; players like myself not in the close team competitive scene (even unsuited for it) are inevitably going enjoy the beta less than those who have always thrived in it.

Second: there’s no right or wrong way to play Halo so long as you can play dual analogue sticks and pull the right trigger.

Third: the big debate raging right now is on how to properly play Halo and comparing the game constantly to COD. In reality there’s 3 kinds of skill in Halo. Precision skill, map control, and team cohesion with both skills. Not all gametypes or weapon starts support these equally.

AR starts are focused IMO 60/40 on map control and is a little less team oriented promoting the use of a wide variety of weapons to fit any number of situations.

  • With the addition of ADS/Smart Scope the AR has never been more effective since Halo 1 and it has excellent range.- The AR’s Smart Scope range and overall reliability actually makes me feel competitive in every situation (like the BR did in previous games).- With the ARs overlapping fireteam combat is beneficial but not a necessity in arena.- Because of this I favor AR starts.BR starts are focused almost 80/20 on precision skill and forces teams to overlap or die. This is for a few reasons.
  • With BRs overlapping fireteam combat is a huge necessity in arena. Without special circumstances a single BR player cannot outgun two BR players.- This is perfectly fine for the competitive arena players but for lone wolves, players who choose not to talk, ect the game is simply not fun.- There are legitimate cases when the BR is not reliable and battles feel imbalanced.- Cases where one player takes more damage than another (this may be due to lag, a bug, or just a broken killcam).- I feel BR burst itself has a faster firing rate than ever before. I can’t hear the three bullets firing.- Despite the faster firing the BR still can spread its burst often outclassing single shot other precision weapons like the DMR and light rifle.- Its time to kill at any distance is far faster than the AR and most map weapons at all but their respective optimal distances and even then the BR remains competitive.- This discourages all but the most skilled, adventurous, or (like me) stupid to frequently use other map weapons.TLDR: I hope to see the return of AR starts playlists in the beta and the main game with all the maps WITHOUT disturbing the competitive players whom enjoy BR starts. I do think the BR needs a little work to hit detection and time to kill.

I totally agree.

I play by myself and I’ve decided to quit the beta since I hate BR spawns so much. I’m waiting for AR spawns.