a blue Flash in War Zone

I was playing warzone Attack on Sanctum after I shot down this banshee then I get this mysterious blue flash that popped up for a few seconds I don’t know what to say already tweeted Frank O’Connor Kiki wolfkill and a few other sources what is this? is it Cortana? Is it the Prometheans? Or something that we don’t know in the Halo lore? here’s the video recorded on Xbox DVR

Or going to look up my Xbox live gamertag Zappo Spartan
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I think it may have been someone missing you with a Halo 2 Beam Rifle Delta.

Another note to add is I tried looking at it in theater and it didn’t come up awkwardly enough the only way to see it is in this clip well that could be possible thanks

If it was a Beam Rifle, then in theatre you would of seen where the shot had come from. Although I love this game it may be some kind of bug or lighting glitch after taking down the Banshee, the map you were on is new so it could just be a random lighting or bug glitch.

Has this type of blue light happened before on another map?, or is it always on this map?

Lazy link :slight_smile:

Edit: wow… that’s odd…

That looks intentional, and had an accompanying sound effect… It could be the gravitational vortex from a Halo 2 Beam Rifle Delta.