A bit worried about how Fractures will work

I noticed that the Fracture is a “30 tier event” which means it will probably be a temporary Battle Pass. That has me worried, since we already know you have to select a seasonal pass for your XP to progress towards while the others are put on hold.

I really hope that doesn’t mean we will have to pause our Heroes of Reach progress while we work on the Fracture pass. If that’s the case we really need to nip this in the bud now and let 343 know that’s not acceptable. We should be able to unlock fracture content simultaneously to Battle Pass content.

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Indeed. If you have to toss up both of them then it’s just an arbitrary way to make the grind even longer.

It’s busted, you got to be super careful not to complete your weekly challenges, only focus on the event ones and swap out the non event ones, cause 343 mislead the hell out of this event, progress counts for both is laughable lol, ONLY event challenges count for both, normal challenges only count for battle pass

Does swapping out the regular challenges actually give you more event challenges?

Good question. If it does that’s even worse.