A better Waypoint expirience!

Who has some good ideas -bring it^^. somethig like this^^

1.i would like to have more awards for the hardcore fans of waypoint -like for very high ranked players like max of all halo achievements (Lv64)-some special awards -like an Energy Sword-or new armory for reach -like some from halo wars or halo legends that would be awesome.

  1. More movies from halo evoulution would be great.

  2. a special challage system- like reach but combinated with all halo games something like

  • play odst 1 firefight ,than play halo wars on legenday 1 lv or finish a multiplayer match in halo 3 . than give something for that like credits or achieve special daily videos , awards or something.
  1. An career combination with the Pc halo 2 achievements.

  2. More armory for reach by unlocking new milestones

  3. Give reach new armory from halo 3 in new look like the hayabusa or scout, or halo wars and legends.

So that would be opinion now its your turn.

Speaking of which, being new to both Halo and Waypoint, how are achievements etc actually earned in Waypoint?