A better way to play.

Have you ever had this problem? Ok I go to Premium Slayer and my favorite gamemode, Elite Slayer, comes up on my favorite map, Anchor 9, so I vote for it logically. But everyone else i’m playing with has other ideas and wants to play Slayer DMR’s on Highlands so they vote for it and I end up losing the voting round 7 to 1 and I have to go through this game on Highlands. I won, but I didn’t like it.

After the macth I thought, hmm this never happens in custom games, which is true, in custom games you get to play what you want where you want, so why not put those options in MM?

My idea is simple and needed for the Reach TU. Make MM the way you want it. So it works like this.

Alright you go to MM and you see five options looking like this:

Playlist: Team Slayer
Map: PowerHouse
Search Ristrictions
Psych Profile (Whatever it’s called)

Ok so you see the menu now let’s say you click the Playlist option, then more options come up looking like this.

Playlist>Team Slayer
Squad Slayer

You get the idea, so let’s say you choose the Map option, more options show.

Anchor 9
Areana Zealot

Okay so now you chose your prefered Playlist and Map now you hit Search and you start looking for other players who chose the same Playlist and Map allowing you to get to your macth fast and easy and never complain about voting just like custom games. BOOM! MM made easy, a better way to play. Discuss.

No, MM is already far to over saturated with playlists as it is. That would just increase the problem even more.

It would be better for them to just add matchmaking for custom games (Here’s hoping for Halo 4). Without the ability to earn loads of credits of course.