A better way to do weekly challenges, after seeing the Winter Update

I’ve come up with a better idea for the weeklies and the new repeatables. Sadly, the Winter Update doesn’t help loyal players get rewarded, but does give opportunities to new/returning players. But, I have an idea to connect the two. That kills the FOMO and parallels to Halo Infinite’s Battlepass mechanics and kinda gives a personal progression kinda thing.

So you can still choose to do the 343 selected weekly for that week. Or you can swap it out in a weekly reward collection menu that has all past rewards and have that as your final reward for that week. The catch is that you can’t do a weekly from the same season, this way it rewards players who have kept up. But, keeps the opportunity for people who want the reward after the season ends. No FOMO, but also no punishment to loyalty.

Sidenote: They should change the rarity on cosmetics to actually be percentage based on how many players have it. Kinda like rare Xbox achievements, except through the whole common; uncommon; rare; epic; legendary rarity tree. This way it incentivises people to get weekly rewards that people didn’t go for.

Does this sound good?
Hope Infinite can reach the sweet-spot