A better map voting system?

Would you want a better vote system? While I’m sure JIP fixes people quitting, I’d rather have full games all the time than quitters. If we were to have a better voting system, even is just 10 percent of all players stopped quitting, it would have a big difference as to whether we have to join games in progress or not.

I don’t see how the voting system could be better than it has been now.

I like Reach’s voting system, except for there should be a re-vote if there’s a tie. Or we can have severe quitting/dashboarding penalties.

Reach’s voting system offers TOO MANY OPTIONS w/the #1 item in the list being picked by default in a tie.

This could be improved. I hope it is.

We should change it so we vote for map and gametype seperately…

I think voting should be canned. It’s false presentation of options. Many times, players get the chance to play what they prefer but are quickly disappointed when the majority chooses another option. I’d like to see matchmaking present the map and gametype you’re going to play with no voting options. Of course, I’m no psychologist, but my assumption is it would create less disappointment and frustration and actually maintain variety, as an objective system is choosing our maps. It also would speed up matchmaking times and keep us playing more rather than sitting in menus.

I want a more streamlined matchmaking design so people are less-often forced into gametypes they don’t want. In other words, make each playlist a single (or very limited set) gametype. This gives the player more control over his/her experience, and players will never be disappointed in the gametype they are forced to play. I really don’t like how Reach’s playlist offerings essentially evolved into every list being a grab bag playlist.

Voting presents the illusion of choice.

I’d prefer some innovation damn it. Both Halo 3’s veto system and Reach’s voting system could use some serious overhaul.

> We should change it so we vote for map and gametype seperately…

Not a bad idea.