A Beta Playlist...

I know that it would serve no benefit to 343i, and that it would take more time to create, but what if in the Title Update they gave us a Beta Playlist?

If the rumors are true that they are bringing back the CE style gameplay in Reach (but also keeping the actual reach gameplay with minor tweaks), it would be possible to re-create the beta environment. For those that remember, that includes such things as:

Game settings:
No Drop Shield or Hologram
Buffed Plasma Launcher, Focus Rifle, Plasma Repeater, ect
Buffed Vehicles
Buffed Armor Lock (I know =P), Active Camo
Buffed Elites
Tweaked Bloom settings
Movement speed

Playlist settings:
Only using Sword Base, Powerhouse for Slayer
Boneyard for invasion

Again, I know it to be unlikely, but wouldn’t it be amazing if 343i could do this? Leave your comments, opinions, ideas, and endorsements if you wish! They are all appreciated!

Don’t tweak the weapons, just the loadouts and gametypes