A best way to get content and retain players

Ok, so I have been thinking about this season and how Halo Infinite could improve. Im not gonna get too much into detail of whats wrong (challenge system, playlist, coatings, etc). But, and hear me out, more maps are not the content the game needs. Im leaving the technical problems to the side (they should be fixed ASAP, I cant believe we are 6 months into the game and still have server issues), that should be a priority.

Yes, more maps could be awesome and I (as anyone here) would love to play a new game every match… but the game needs is things to do: Today you just log to grind an artificial extremely long battlepass, maybe play ranked and, sometimes, to and event pass that is so FOMO that is like a second job (yeah we know, you just finished in 12 minutes, but other players like me either dont get that lucky or simply cant spent the whole week playing the game).

So, my suggestion is really simple and something that other games like CoD and BF (4) have done before: just add challenges that are not tight to a period of time. Let player grind for a weapon skin, an emblem (you should bring back custom emblems btw… fixed emblems kind of misses the purpose of having something that represents you. But thats another topic), poses, anything! just sacrifice some of the shop items that we know you have ready to sell this season.

The difference with “weekly challenge” is that there should not be any period of time, that way the game is not gonna be a shore and will let the player actually enjoy the game and not feel like a second job. We probably all have played CoD and try to get the Damascus or Black matter weapon skin: first we wanted it because it means something, and second we could just take breaks in between to play another game mode or just rest, it was not like “i MUST play this way and only these modes in the next 7 days, otherwise I wont get this item”. Most of the people just quit, there are better things to do that being tied to a game because you just want a digital cosmetic.

Anyways, it was a long post for something really simple but i wanted to explain some difference with what we have today (that is, again, like a second job with deadlines… idk who approves and defends this system in 343 meetings) and a better system that, maybe wont bring people in the game, but it will definitely retain many of them and dont scare away new players with the current lack of things to do or “Want this item? you have only 7 days left to get it in a random game mode rotation”.