A Battle Pass Progression Compromise

I kind of understand why 343 doesn’t want to give us per-match Battle Pass experience, but the way they went about it is incredibly tedious. Their players understand by now that it takes way too long to level up, so here’s a compromise that doesn’t reward idleness or toxic teammates.

Earn BP experience based on earning objective-based medals and bonus experience for winning matches. That’s it. It rewards teamwork and playing the objective. It makes the game more sweaty, but at least there won’t be as many players ruining the game for their team compared to other games because they wanted to idle for cosmetics or throw matches to complete challenges.

In Slayer, all assist and multikill medals earn experience because the only way to win is to eliminate players, but in other modes, experience should only earned by playing the objective. If your team has the skull in oddball or has more flags under their control, all assist and multikill medals earn experience as well.

I agree - one of my weekly challenges is to kill 3 enemies returning their flag. I sat there and watched my teammate carrying the flag get shot at and die, so I could then kill the people returning it. I felt so damn dirty, but that’s what this game is forcing me to do…

That’s rough. Luckily I haven’t experienced something like that yet, but I’ve been tempted to do the same based on one of the challenges I had.

And I just realized that the daily and weekly challenges give basically the same amount of EXP as each other relative to the Battle Pass per-level experience.