A 900 mb up date that deleted Halo:Infinite from my Xbox one

I was playing Halo:Infinite today and all of sudden the multiplayer disconnected. I “quit” to shut the game software off. There was then 900-970mb update that started. I removed my Xbox from the internet and canceled the update. Halo:infinite was completely removed from my Xbox. It’s now re-downloading.

Sounds like a file got messed up unlike steam Xbox can only redownload

I had this Xbox for a long time in my opinion and this download issue happened one other time years ago. I don’t think I was active on forms or reporting bugs at the time.
For those who come across this:
Steam is easy to redownload. You would need to uninstall it through windows or mac or what ever your system is. It may or may not bring you a steam uninstall page. If that doesn’t work delete the files, the saved data and etc doesn’t need to be deleted just the program itself to redownload it.