A 343 quote sort of

I know everyone tired of the complaining but I remember something 343 said and I wonder. What happened?

The quote went something like this

“We know people have jobs and don’t have time to spend hours gaming or grinding, so our bsttlepass will be player focus”

Something like that.

What happened to that promise? 100 matches, 2 weeks worth of challenges completed. I’d at least think my time would be appreciated, hell if I did that in destiny 2 I’d probably be rank 50+ but no, I’m 15. Am I seriously expected to keep up the grind? Especially with some challenges that currently feel border line impossible.

Example. “Kill 3 enemy with chain lightning damage” the shock rifle, probably the most used lighting weapon has a achievement for killing people with chain damage, currently sitting at a 1% completion rate.


F2P games that define themselves as services are based on nothing, but greed and the dissolvement of the idea of “subscription.” It was a huge mistake to take Halo in this direction, just like it was a huge mistake for Halo 5 to be solely based on micros. The gaming industry is so interesting in the way it actually has never really experience real consumer backlash and aggression. Its a market that constantly evolves to try and find ways to -Yoink!- more money out of a consumer than to instead try and develop a relationship by making a memorable product. Some companies do that still, but in my opinion not many.


Yeah, I remember them saying something like that… Also, didn’t they say the first battle pass would be free?


The main counter to that is that the battle pass never expires.

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It was the December Blogpost from 2020. It’s down now but I’ve posted a web archive link somewhere here.


That’s great and all, but how many people are going to sink hundred of hours into one games multiplayer for it first battlepass. Especially a battlepass that feels neither rewarding nor engaging. Even the free item’s offer border line nothing with the first helmet being at tier 80+

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Yeah but you can get this with dynamo grenades which is easier and that doesn’t net you the achievement. Although I would agree that some of the challenges are pretty obscure or difficult. When you factor in sbmm some of them are downright preposterous.

While some challenges are difficult I’d say I bashed out most challenges in a handful of games. I’m fairly confident I could play about 2-3 hours per week and hit the max battle pass before the season ends. Which falls very much in line with what they have said.

They are trying to reward player retention consistency over long play sessions. Which is helpful to the games growth and helps secure better games for more players due to skill/connection.

You like the words “border line”, do you? Well, I see it like you do.

Right now these challanges hurts the game more than they should. Some casual players are way too focused on the challanges than winning a game since there are no rewards for actually winning a game.

About the challanges issue, “do 10 kills with the Ravager” is literaly impossible. You need a ton of luck to kill someone quickly enough before they burst you down. How the hell should a casual player finish those challanges?


It is free, it just has a premium side with far more unlocks.

So, entirely possible future BPs can’t be progressed unless bought.
Another possible addition to that is: premium BP, meaning you buy a BP, and then can buy a premium edition of it with more unlocks.

Kind of the point of the difficult ones.
i343 knows a lot have jobs and not enough time, so they sell swaps to change those challenges out.

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Yikes, add a h to the link

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Yeah they explicitly said that many if not most unlockables in the game could be gotten just by playing the game. They also promised so many customization options and combinations that day one would see “millions” (actual published 343 quote) of Spartan looks had by players.


We all know that halo infinite progression is probably some of the worst to date (the “patch” gives you less overall xp now l) 20 matches for a single level isn’t rewarding nor makes me want to continue trying to grind the pass. Hopefully 343 listen to feedback and has a patch soon

Apparently there’s not a single armour set in the campaign either

Yup, This current model is actively hurting the longevity of the game, and new and old fans alike are complaining about it.

On a different note, I see people saying. " You got 160 days, it’s very doable to complete the pass" which I find misses the point completely, cool I completed it, but now there’s a entire new pass out I’ll need to grind. Plus going up a level a day isn’t rewarding to anyone.

Yes, I completely agree. The free rewards are disappointing. Some of the levels don’t even unlock anything on the free track.

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