A 2 Hour ban?!!?!

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I would love to know what my -Yoink!- son could have possibly achieved in 2 MAYBE 3 games of big team battle that justifies a 2 Hour ban. Glad I bought the solid copy, this kind of -Yoink!- approach to matchmaking is EXACTLY why I found the game sitting in the used section for 30$… Give it another month it will be 20$ or less… I’m guessing I was banned for team kills, it’s LITERALLY all I can think of he may have done…the game said for being idle, but I don’t see how that can possibly be when he was playing right before, unless the afk kick from him stopping and bringing me the controller did it… Either way your approach is beyond counterproductive… Invest time into building digital world we want to populate with people, rule digital world like some angry little -Yoink!- and watch interest plummet… Sound logic… Glad I’ve got black ops 3… Maybe try an approach that DOESN’T involve punishing those that quite literally make up your paycheck… Like I dunno, a matchmaking system that accommodates for error like oh I dunno, replacing those that dropped with a new player and not punishing their record in the event of a loss… Gee that was hard to come up with, maybe you should put me on payroll… I forgot about how poorly handled MCC was, now I’m simply reminded 343 is clearly trying to drive this franchise into the ground…

Team killing, excessive suicides, idling.

Social playlists should not ban for quitting since you can gain teammates mid game. Maybe the ban rules should be for ranked games only but then again idk how i feel about that because you get people who like to “troll” online in games purposely upsetting other players.