9PM problem online

So ever since I got this game Halo 5 “When it was released” I’ve had an error saying that my information can’t be found and so all online modes are off limits to me and I’m put back to rank 1. But come 9PM I can go online I get everything back as well the playtime window is between 9PM to 6AM and so I very rarely play it as a result.

This problem also occurs with HALO WAYPOINT both the site and apps, HALO WARS but the MCC runs fine and lets me online and tbh I don’t see why I should continue to buy games from 343 as 3 out of 4 of there products don’t work before a certain time.

Also online I fount out that this was a problem that was “Patched” but clearly still happens so I need some kind of fix for this finally or I’m just done with this entire series.

If they are only working at certain hours of the day then that suggests to me that there is either something on your home network settings or at your ISP that is causing this. I would check your router and make sure there aren’t any restrictions / family filtering / content filtering set up