9GB update never installed

As a general warning to others, my Xbox stated that my game was 54.5GB after the 9GB patch that was ‘downloaded’. Come midnight (Australian eastern) and the game decides that it never downloaded the update even though it said it did.
Many of you guys I imagine wouldn’t face this issue, but don’t be surprised if you do. Whatever your Xbox says the game did download, you may have downloaded a Stub File without it telling you.

I always check my bandwidth to make sure it downloaded the correct amount of gigs, which mine did so fingers crossed for midnight.

I had been downloading a fair bit that day, so my data history seemed to show that it had downloaded. In addition 343i posted that Help Article about not having the 9GB update if your game was below 40GB. Turns out that’s not the case entirely unfortunately.

[Edit] I will say though it just jumped from 8%-34% in a heartbeat, and I have awful internet. So it could be that installation files were put onto the Xbox, but not yet installed. No idea lol

My console is set up to automatically download, my fingers are crossed.When I go home after work, every single update to be finished.