963rd Spartan Legion Is Recruiting

- T H E I N D O M I N U S L E G I O N -

963rd Spartan Legion

The Indominus Legion is a largely growing Community that supports a wide array of possibilities for its members. Being a multi-gaming community. The 963rd is the newest gaming expansion section of the Indominus Legion community, making our way into the legendary realms of Halo!

We also host but are not limited to an RP/ROLEPLAY section. This is a constantly developing section that relates heavily to our own created Universe based off of the book series known as the PLAEDIUM, following a COSMIC HORROR SCI-FI Universe set in the year 200,000 AD across multiple Galaxies, and more! This gives us the FIRST part of our unique Community experience we promise to offer!

We also have our own CUSTOM rank progression system, with CUSTOM missions we create for the game you join, or EVEN if you are solely there as an RPer, allowing you to rise to the top of the rank tree with nothing but your activity required!

We host podcasts, regular events, a website, customized community options to purely benefit what you would get out of our community, and even our own theme song!

We Offer :

  • Custom Ranks: Evolve through our rank progression system!

  • Community Events: Made weekly and hosted by both our active Staff Team and Community Members that have followed their growth into GAME LEADERS!

  • Competitive Events: We will offer competitive gameplay, featuring from the 4 Vs 4 Arena Modes, to the Big Team Battles!

  • Missions: Custom missions tailored for achievable rewards to the more ELITE missions for our Veteran Players!

  • Game Nights: Join up with our large platoons! Or perhaps you want to try some Indie based gaming? Have a chill night and socialise with a chill group

  • Weekly Newsletters: Keep up to date on HALO’s latest updates! On the latest developments within our Community, and what new content is to make its way to enhance your experience as apart of our Spartan Legion!

  • Original Commissioned Legion Artwork: With thanks to the fantastic illustrator responsible! BUT ALSO featuring our very own OST Theme showcased on YouTube!

  • A Completely Original ‘Sci-Fi Horror’, ‘War’ themed lore called ‘The Plaedium’


We encourage a fair environment with cooperative yet banterous gameplay, and there is a place for everybody in our forever Legion! Come join us as one of our Legionary brethren and follow us as we take over Halo!

Discord: https://discord.gg/dbdn9wY

Website: https://theindominuslegion.com

Theme Song: https://youtu.be/QnSvWNtinJs

May The Darkness Never Relent Under The Guide Of Our Immortality!
We Are Legion!

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