92 GB update. trouble getting free pack

I logged on today to unlock my free 15 year anniversary pack and my game is installing some kind of major update. Its been an hour and has only rolled about 3% and my Game will not update unless the disc is in, meaning that I cant update unless im not playing anything else.

I would like some kind of Guarantee that i cant still access my free pack when this is updating tomorrow, since it will take all day before this update is complete.

I would also like to know how to speed up my update, i already have an Open NAT, but its still locked down.

Some people who have Halo 5 installed on an external hard drive have been experiencing update issues (91 Gb updates instead of ~200 Mb updates). If you are worried about the REQ pack specifically, just open it here on Waypoint.

how can i do that?

Click the link in my post.