901st Legion raid/competitive clan

Clan: 901st Legion

Leaders: ButterMyWaffle7 and LoE Voltage

Purpose: We are serious competitive clan that does mlg and other versus games. Also, we do raids which are 8 on 8 battles over a huge base. Lastly when that is all said and done we like to have fun on custom games and train. Join the 901st legion today by contacting me!


Are you on MCC, and do you do 4v4s?

Raids are in Halo?

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> Are you on MCC, and do you do 4v4s?

Yes I’m on mcc

> 2533274829610030;3:
> Raids are in Halo?

They’re gonna be

Cool, and raids are pretty fun guys!

It’s almost like you took the idea of raids from a certain Sangheili clan.