90% melee damage feel better?

I have been doing some experimenting a bit in customs and I came to the conclusion that 90% melee damage feels alot better with the bleed through. When I tried to set it at 75%, melee bleed through doesn’t even serve a purpose because when I shot my guest 3 times followed by a melee, there was only 1 little bar of health left. When I meleed first, it didn’t pop shields and when I shot 4 times with the DMR, it popped the shields making it kinda pointless for melee bleedthrough. I could see quite a few people getting upset if it were set to 75%.

Now, when I changed it to 90%, it felt better than the default damage. Here’s why; when you melee someone with default melee damage with bleed through, it takes their shields away as well as about half of their health which in my opinion is a bit much. Setting it to 90% makes it so when you melee someone first rather than shooting, only the first bar of health is removed, leaving it in the yellow color indicator range. It also is great because it works when you shoot them 3 times with the DMR followed by a melee, they die as if it were default melee damage anyway. It works the same with all of the weapons as well as if it were default settings.

What do you guys think? Should melee damage be in the 90% range or just default melee damage settings?

It has always been like that in Halo. The thing is now people who want to double beatdown will get wrecked. It’s fine IMO but I will see what you are talking about.

Yes please test it out. I have been testing it and I think it feels a lot better with 90% because if someone did just sprint up to you and melees, it will only take 1 bar of health away as opposed to leaving you with half of your health left.

50% melee damage, no bleed.

Best possible setting regarding melee.

So 75% does not result in a 3shot beatdown?

Then i agree, 90% is best.