9 months in and the challenges are still garbage

Just stop making game mode specific challenges. You guys have successfully created the most anti social Halo to exist.


Unfortunately it’s their game, and their choice how they want them to function. If they haven’t changed it by now, then it should be clear that they’re not going to change them.

One of the benefits to being the creator of games, your say is the final say. They can say no to suggestions given to them, and they are in the right to make them. It’s just how it goes.

If one did things they didn’t want, one could question if it really is their game…

The only thing you can do is perhaps keep asking for change. Suggest better challenges to replace them, or stop playing all together. That’s it.

I’ve made plenty of suggestions on here for broader replacement challenges that serve essentially the same purpose. It doesnt help that 343 neither acknowledges nor even rejects most criticism they get


This is a Forum to discuss Halo.
343 sadly does not take Feedback from the Forums.
If they did, Halo would’ve been fixed immediately after the failure of Halo 4.


Hey I’m just here discussing how dog water the challenge system is haha. And if 343 wants to pretend like the forums arent meant for giving suggestions then they should update the front page of the forums:

“This is the best place to share ideas for what you want to see changed, improved, or done differently.”

Is it?


“Who has taught you these lies?”

The forums exist so people who want to discuss Halo can discuss Halo.
Feedback is not anything but spitting hypotheticals to one another.


I am fine with challenges as long there easy and not ridiculous like kill 50 players with a headshot or getting 50 backslaps

50 backslaps is a bit much but 50 headshots would be perfect if they had a format where that challenge was always active. Instead of needing to complete other challenges first in order to reach that one.

What I’m more concerned with are the game mode specific ones because I like to play this game with my friends, and if we’re all playing Halo, we would also like to complete the challenges that are contained within Halo. So it really sucks when we’re doing our challenges, and then one of us says, “I need to play team slayer.” “Oh but I actually need to play CTF.” “Ok, I’m gonna go play team slayer on my own, you guys can just do that.”
Like that freakin sucks. Totally ruins the momentum. Totally ruins the fun of playing a game with your friends.

Progression and social play are not mutually exclusive things. Yet somehow 343 found a way to create that dilemma.

And even on top of that, it grinds my gears to end to see that “CTF” word pop up on my challenge feed, cuz you know what that means; Rolling the dice of quick play and praying I wind up getting a CTF game. This challenge layout is dog water, even when the challenges themselves are easy to complete. They could have so easily accomplished the same effect with broader challenges.

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Somehow I play with my 4 friends and we always get challenges done. Maybe you should try being less selfish and realize it doesn’t need to get done immediately on Tuesday night. If your friend needs CTF, pop into Quick Play or Ranked and play a few games. You know, just…play? Without immediate dopamine hits from completing “dog water” challenges? Like in the good old days when all you got for a win was 1 point?

Since 343 updated the challenges a few months ago, they are actually good for the most part. I save my skips for “Kills with the Pulse Carbine” still, don’t get me wrong, but my final challenge was “Get 30 kills.” This even let me play BTB for once with my friends.

People are way too obsessed with “completing challenges” that they get frustrated when they are “too hard”, even though they are called “challenges.” I don’t really get the point of all these posts.

I remember when they asked for feedback for Firefight when they were adding it to H5. Tons of people added suggestions to that thread, including myself. Useful suggestions. No one, from what I can remember, was trolling or rude, etc… Then, and I’m trying to remember correctly as it’s been a while, it came out that they weren’t really paying attention to the thread. Even though they asked for feedback in it. Also, they only replied, maybe two times to it, from what I remember.

Since then I don’t bother giving feedback, suggestions, etc…on these forums.

Your best bet is to go on Twitter or Reddit and hope more people comment on your post.

Sad thing is, we weren’t expecting a reply in that thread. But to find out it wasn’t even really being paid attention to? Felt like a waste of time. Which it was.

Maybe you should be more empathetic and understand that we, as adults, have varying schedules and social lives and dont have the privilige of being able to play every single day of the week together?

Like this is just a blatant blunder of what my post even says. Nowhere does it mention the challenges being too hard. But everywhere does it mention that the layout is horrible and the game mode specific challenges are both RNG based and anti-social, which are terrible things for a game that boasts “social playlists.” RNG based challenges in a vacuum are pretty horrible, and 343 themselves even admitted to this, YET THEY KEPT THEM IN THE GAME.

The fact that you just said that after defending the awful system put in place by 343 just reveals your hubris. Imagine being able to play whatever game modes you want to while also simultaneously completing challenging challenges, cuz its definitely not an impossibility. Complacency breeds mediocrity.

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Congrats on getting your challenges done.
Now, you are the one bringing up “completing them on tuesday”, the OP is merely pointing out the Game Mode specific challenges still rotate the challenges, and they have an issue with that because we can’t actively choose game mode if it’s in a playlist with several different modes, like Quick Play.

Remember when they had the Tactical Event week during season 1? Kill enemies with the Battle Rifle, and then it was a 25% chance. This system is locked to three tracking challenges at a time, if you haven’t purchased the premium, then a single challenge you don’t get access to severely slow your progress down.
Remember we’ve had threads with people having played 20+ games to get a single game mode match in?
That’s a lot of time to not get any progress done on it, and any of the other one that aren’t being tracked behind it.

It’s not that people are “way too obsessed”, it’s that a part of the game isn’t entertaining at all.
There’s an artificial bottleneck by having a few challenges tracked at a time, these herd players towards game modes they may not be interested in at all if you wish to get new items, and some of the challenges are out of the players’ control if they can actually progress them or not, that being game mode and weapon kills. Game modes being what they are and specific weapons are either dependant on the random weapon racks, or fiesta which is a story of its own.
The ones people don’t like aren’t hard. it’s that they’re partially, or completely out of players’ control.