8 Players wasn't the problem

It’s the terrible map design and spawn system THIS should not happen with 6 players. When I’m not getting killed right off of spawn, I’m going from my spawn to a better position or I’m going to pick up a weapon and a few seconds later someone spawns right where I just spawned and kills me from behind. If that doesn’t happen, I try to go from my spawn, which is usually a pretty bad position to be in, to a better position. The problem with that is there are always people in those positions that have a good weapon like the BR or storm rifle that can just kill me easily because I’m in a worse position. Think of spawning turbine on empire and trying to kill someone in T3 who has DMR and more cover. Not to mention how easy it is to nade turbine. They have a better weapon and are in a better position so they win the majority of the time

One way to fix this problem would be to make FFA BR starts, which I think should happen. The only way to fix the bad spawn and map design is to take out the maps that play bad with FFA. And sadly there are more bad maps than good maps. The ones that I think should stay are Plaza, Truth, Regret, and Eden. All of the other maps are just clusterfucks of spawn kills and people camping certain areas killing people who are trying to find a better weapon.

For FFA to be any good it needs BR starts and for a lot of the maps to be removed from the rotation4