8 Player FFA Tournament

Hello, my name is Hoosier. (Gamertag: HOO5IER122) I am going to be hosting a small 8 player tournament today at 9:00, 8:00 Eastern Time. This will be a competitive style to fight for bragging rights (Even though the rights are limited). It will be a single elimination tournament and the rules are very open.


  1. This is single elimination so whoever finishes last MUST quit. If there is a tie and for the worst it will be the person with the worst KD spread.

  2. This will be a 7-Round Tournament with the final round being a game of Halo 3’s “Tug of War” Gametype.(Which I will post to my file share for those who don’t know what it is.)

3.Tea-bagging is a YES. (It’s not cheating)


5.Power Weapons are a yes. (Again. Not Cheating)

  1. The First 3 games will be 8 minute games. The next three will be 12 minute games and of course the championship will be specially determined.

I cannot give you MS points, I can’t do much but offer help. I will personally help you with any campaign mission you desire. However be warned, I can do legendary but I may die more often.If I win. The second place person gets this.


Round 1- FFA Slayer on Asylum ( 8 min )
Round 2- FFA Slayer on Arena Zealot ( 8 min )
Round 3- FFA Slayer on Reflection ( 8 min )
Round 4- FFA Slayer on Sword Base ( 12 min )
Round 5- FFA Slayer on Pinnacle ( 12 min )
Round 6- FFA Slayer on Powerhouse (12 min)
Round 7- “Tug of War” on Any of Above Six (5 min)

How do I sign up?
Send my gamer tag a message telling me you want to participate and join my party. Practice session will be going on until the tournament starts. Limited to the first 7 people ( I will be playing as well ). If I do not move on, then you can find tug of war in my fileshare and the rounds are already listed)

Have fun, Hoosier