8 player FFA is garbage

It was never good. But with how bad H5 spawns are it’s turned into a complete lottery instead of a playlist remotely deserving ranked status. Drop it to 6 like any competent developer would, 343. Thanks.

Yep and increase radar to 30m

Yep there are too many players for these relatively small maps and the radar range is just a tad to short. One second I look at it and I’m in the clear and then the next I’m getting assassinated. Also the spawns are just terrible but that’s mostly because there are too many players on the map at once. I hate seeing some poor guy spawn right in front of me only to get mowed down without a chance to fight back. Worse yet with these bad spawns its easy to get stuck in a continuous death loop where you spawn and get killed right away over and over again which has happened to me so many times I’m thinking about making a montage to show just how bad it can be sometimes.

On a side note they need to remove the whole taking a loss when if you place anything other than first place in FFA. Right now my win/loss looks like -Yoink- because if you don’t get first place then you don’t get a win on your record. I think maybe the top 3 players at the end of the match should get a win.

Hopefully they will finally figure out FFA should be six players and not eight…