8 Hour Tempowary Ban.

Hi guys, i am a halo fan, i played halo 3 and reach for a long time and only just got into halo 5, i have to say, i am happy with how you guys made halo 5 multiplayer, with the boosting, thrust jumping and all the little things add to make this multiplayer very good. However i am not a fan of the increasing in time temp bans for leaving matches, i understand that it is not good sportsmanship to leave a match mid way through for one reason or another and i understand that multiple games left are required to get tempowary banned so the occasional mid way leave wont hurt but sometimes i rage lol, as stupid as it sounds, i rage if i die in a stupid way in infection or if the other team is way too good in big team battle and i leave the match, another reason might be if i’m playing on a map i dont like, as there is no way to back out if you’ve already found the players, and the result of me raging and leaving is me getting tempowarily banned, and at was confused why i was getting banned but them i remember that back in halo reach you would get banned for leaving too many games, and the bans only lasted 10-15 minutes, so it was fine, so i waited the time in halo 5 and kept playing, a couple hours later i left some games some more and got banned again, this time it said 45 minutes, thats a long time i thought and i thought that the tempowary bans must be at 45 minutes the longest time you can be tempowarily banned for, the next day, i’m playing and i quit some more games over the space of about an hour or two and then i was banned again for 3 hours!!! I was worried when i saw that message, seeing if it was right but i waited it out and got back to playing again, now today i was searching for an infection match and saw it was on a map i hated: freakshow so i left the match, i was hoping the dreaded “the banhammer strikes” message wouldnt show up and it didnt to my suprise, about an hour later (i dont remember leaving matches in this time) i accidentally searched for action sack instead of infection, so i left the match and i was hoping so bad that i wouldnt get tempowarily banned again but ofcourse, i was, this ban was a massive 8 hours, and in my opinion a temp ban 30 mins or more is ALOT for a minor non-sportsmanship thing such as leaving matches, save the 8 hour bans for hackers, or people boosing for xp or something, but basically i feel that the bans should be alot less time, i understand the reasoning for the bans and that the bans are trying to stop players from leaving games mid way through but the message still gets across with smaller bans such as 30 minute ones, i love halo, and waiting 8 hours to play it again sucks, why are you making your players who bought the game wait 8 hours for doing something as small as leaving games midwaythrough!

I can imagine many people have already brought this up but i’m hoping with all the effort i put into this long, long post, you guys take this into consideration.

Thanks for your time

Hey OP, please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the forms for any queries relating to matchmaking bans