8 hour ban for sitting in my menu..

I’ve quit two games today and while sitting in my menu it randomly bans me for 8 hours…? Can you guys seriously think about not being banned for leaving a social playlist or a warzone game I mean there social for a reason. I shouldn’t be punished for leaving a game that doesn’t mean anything anyways… Not impressed been banned a lot in the past few days and more because I leave a social playlist to go leave to play with a friend who’s on… Halo 3 match making copy and paste that world is a better place. If you can please unban me I would appreciate it if you can’t that sucks I wanna play some halo 5.

Social != quittable.
Social gametypes are not there for you to quit if you feel like it. They are there for players to get some multiplayer action without the added stress of managing rank. All playlists, Arena and Warzone, have that same message (Betrayals, idling, quitting may result in a ban) for a reason. Many players find enjoyment in social gametypes, but quitting results in a less fun time for everyone on the team you left, because they become less likely to win. And just because it is social does not mean people don’t like to win.

It’s your fault when u get banned after quitting.

Hey OP, please refer to our ban thread in the Halo 5 forums for further help and make a post there if necessary :slight_smile: