8 gold packs or 16 silvers?

Missed the HCS pack by 10 minutes…
8 golds or 16 silvers?

Ouch dude. That blows.
If you’ve still got lots of common and uncommon stuff left I would definitely go for silver. It’ll make gold packs down the road more worth 10k points.


How much stuff do you have unlocked?

id do 8 silvers and 4 golds

I think I might do 12 silvers and then 2 golds… What do y’all think?

depends. If you have lots of weapon commendations, just go all gold. if you don’t, go 8 silver 4 gold. getting the commendations modifies your loot table to have more chance on getting better items.

8 golds

12 silvers and 2 golds sounds like you’re best option. 12 silvers for thinning the common-rare permanent pool by about 24, and use the last two golds for that roll of dice to get ultra-rare or legendary items

Yeah depends on your progress. If you are middle of road, go 8 silvers, 4 golds

That was close. You almost wasted your points on the HCS pack. Congrats. You should do the silvers unless you have all commons-rares out of the way.

If you unlocked all common-rare reqs, gold is better.
If you haven’t already done so, silver is better.

depends how far you’re in your collection…

well it depends, if you have a lot of commons and uncommons unlocked then go for gold, if not go for silver. or maybe even a mixture of both.