8/8 Legendary Campaign Commendation no MarkVI

In commendations it says Legendary Campaign 8/8 but I still don’t have Mark VI. What’s wrong?


Did you complete them on SOLO legendary? i had the same problem before anyways but it sayd 7/8 for some reason, i had to RE-DO the whole mission 7 in order to recieve the helmet =/

There were some server issues yesterday that prevented some missions from logging. The in game menu will say complete, but here on Waypoint the mission won’t have a Legendary icon if it wasn’t logged online as complete. So I’d check your Campaign section in your service record to make sure.

I had to replay Dawn to unlock the armor.

Try replaying a mission.

I’m having the same issue but my Halo Waypoint even says 8/8 campaign completion and i did beat it on solo legendary, ill try replaying the last level and see if that works.

i habve the same problem with 3 missions. does anyone know if i can start over the mission near the end? or do i have to replay each mission from the beginning? thanks -Yoink- this sucks

I’m not that far yet having only completed the first three levels on legendary so far [damn but 3 is a long one,] yet I’m already seeing an issue.

According to my commendations I’ve only completed Dawn and Forerunners [I think that’s 3] on legendary, it doesn’t say I did the second level. In level select for campaign though it shows all three [plus prologue] completed solo on legendary.

I assume that the issue is that I did the second level while offline [I simply cannot use the net all the time and still want to make progress while offline.]

Now, I know there are no achievements for finishing the individual levels on legendary so the system cannot harvest my progress from achievements alone at this stage, but shouldn’t it be able to check my campaign progress when I start up the game and update it?

If it cannot do that much then shouldn’t it at least automatically complete the commendation progress for me once I get the achievement for completing the game solo on legendary? [Regardless of whether or not I’m online at the time of it popping.]