8.5 Hours for unfounded speculation!

Kotaku recently posted a rumored list of titles that Microsoft will be showing at E3. The source is purported to be an “insider”. The list includes “A Halo related title”.

Yeah, it’s not exactly a bombshell, I know, and as Kotaku points out, it might not even be a game. It could be something like a movie or an application/destination like Waypoint or maybe even just new map packs.

And also, I mean, it’s not really an amazing list anyways. Even if that list is the result of complete guesses by someone trying to fool Kotaku, it’s probably 80% correct. In fact, one thing that makes me question the list is that I would have expected to see a particular high-profile game on there that I know is (or at least was) in development, but has not been announced.

Anyways, geeks like to speculate, so what do you think? Does seeing this list make you more excited that we might see some sort of significant Halo announcement? Or did you pretty much expect something Halo related to be shown at E3 anyways, even before this Kotaku post?

I’m not going to be there for the MS presentation this time. I’m only heading to LA tonight (as in Monday evening), to check out the Nintendo Press Conference and the show tomorrow. To be honest, I’m not really excited about MS’s press conference, but I will be following along in hopes of cool Halo news. I am pretty excited about Nintendo’s press conference though. Networks permitting, I’ll be tweeting it @gamer_olanmills, though Nintendo itself and other gaming sites are going to be streaming it live anyways.

I could drive down to the Convention Center, and then Batman my way into E3… but then again, I’m not Batman :frowning:
But yes as soon as the MS conference stream starts I think every “geeky” atom in my being will just vibrate and cause me to implode. I seriously can’t wait for E3 and its upcoming presentations.
I just love the Halo story so much that anything progressing its already expansive universe would geek me out. But a game!? A friggin Halo game!? I think I’d keel over.
But with all seriousness I rather interested in what Sony and MS will dish out to counter Nintendo’s upcoming bombshells.

I hope we’ll see Frankie!

Can’t wait for E3 and Halo news. If there’s a remake and a completely new title, I will be so happy!

I wouldn’t get hyped just yet, save it all for one hype explosion. More fun to pick up the pieces once your already there or watching the event.

In my personal opinion I am extremely proud of Microsoft and the developers of this installment. They have not sold out on anything, and are keeping it a secret (A really good Secret) unlike most games like Battlefield 3 and MW3.

Dang, I can’t believe I’m still up. Looks like I’m going to sleep through Microsoft’s presentation lol. I need to so that I can still do some work today, make my flight, and not be wrecked so I can make Nintendo’s conference tomorrow. Hopefully I wake up to something exciting!

We all know it has a 99.9% chance of being a CE remake. But heres what got me interested:

Ghost Recon rail shooter for Kinect

I better see Halo 4 having a Kinect version.