8:25 AM East Coast. No code.

honestly, why?
Everyone else in my area i play with has gotten theres. even my brother why me? like why is it that i don’t get mine yet?

are you 17+ ?

You know I quit playing like 2 weeks ago and I got one.

I’m 17, haven’t gotten my code yet. Would not having my Hotmail actually state my age be a factor?

Make sure you are checking the correct email. I recently found out that my account was linked with an old email no longer in existence. I changed it, but it’s possible they sent the email there, meaning im screwed.

Idk where to go for help. I’m going to call xbox support, but seeing how big a mess this is for everyone, i doubt they will be of help.

I dont have it either, and my age is clearly stated as 23 on my email address. This is bs, i have a day off, finally, and I can’t level anymore cause wetwork and operator don’t appeal to me and I only have so much time and dewxp to use

Im 17+ i know which email its linked to and the contact preference one as well, still no code. how did they go about doing this?

Well, that doesn’t give me much hope. 3 hours ahead of me since i am in Cali.

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