7th Sierra Battalion now recruiting

We are a group of SPARTANs, soldiers, mercenaries, former members of high risk clans, agents, marines, and fighters from all walks of life, to unite as SPARTANs under a common banner and a common cause: protect the people. Whoever we were before, that’s what makes us strong. Who we become after that, is what makes us stronger. We are a family as well as a Battalion of Spartans. We have each others’ backs. We fight, sweat, bleed and survive side-by-side on the battle field. Even off duty we stand by each other as friends, consultants, moral support, emotional punching bags, and brother and sisters. At the end of the day, the 7th Sierra Battalion isn’t just a Spartan Company, but a band of brothers and sisters, in its own right. What we do matters to the community. We protect and serve those who are innocent, those who want to have fun, and those striving for something great. To those who wish to do harm, we will hunt you down, we will destroy you from the inside, and we will rain down hellfire in the form of Spartan raids on you, and those who support you. We wish only to keep the peace and make it a fun community for everyone.
We are a military battalion, we do not operate as a government, or as a council. Every member who passes our School of Hard Knox training, and proves them self a Spartan in our battalion, has the right to say whatever he or she wants. This includes input that may support the 7th Sierra as a whole, or things to improve on that we already have. There are a certain set of rules to follow for the battalion, among those are:

  1. Respect your commanding officers - They’ve seen enough stuff to get them to the position to where they are. They can pass that experience to you.

  2. Respect your fellow Spartans, regardless of rank - people who are lower on the food chain than you still may be better than you in certain aspects.

  3. Carry out your orders - If an officer gives you an order, it is your duty as a member of the 7th Sierra to carry it out to the fullest extent.

  4. Do not discharge your weapon unnecessarily - doing this shows lack of discipline, which will lead you to being fired very quickly.

  5. Be open with everyone - You’re a member of the 7th, which means you’re family. Be open with other Spartans, don’t treat them like enemies.

  6. Be proud of who you are - You made it this far, so you have to be special, right?

We are openly accepting any who wish to be conscripted as (NON CANNON) Spartan IVs, who wish to join a uniform of fellow fighters, for fun, adventure, purpose, and a helluva good time. Contact Gamertag: Crash S339 on Xbox Live if you wish to learn more, or sign up directly if you already are convinced. We’ll be waiting.
-Master Chief Petty Officer Crash S339

So where does 7th Battalion fit into the whole halo timeline?
The 7th Battalion of SPARTANs (aka 7th Sierra Battalion) unit is assigned to the UNSC’s Navy. Not formally attached to the SPARTAN branch of the UNSC, the 7th Battalion conscripts its members from the navy, including shipboard crewmen, Marines, and ODSTs. Any personnel in the SPARTAN branch that joins the 7th Sierra Battalion stays with the UNSC Navy, and cannot go back. This allows SPARTANs in the Navy to retain rank, where in the SPARTAN branch, they have no formal rank. They act as more of an infantry style fighting force, similar to that of the Marines, and frequently assist them in operations. They are an independent sub division of the UNSC Navy.

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