75th Rangers Regiment Officers Needed!

Hello! My name is RANGER 43905862, knows as Ranger 43.
We are looking for new Members(Officers) to Dominate with and too Have fun battling Against other Rival Clans.

75th Ranger Regiment -Clan-


  • First Thing is First… This Clan is a Gamer-tag Clan.
    meaning that you would need to Change you’re Gamer-tag to…
    Example. Ranger[SPACE]followed by a series of numbers totaling to Eight.

DO NOT repeat Numbers. If you must Repeat numbers, Separate them.
Example. Ranger 17548524

-Cannot start with a Zero-

(the reason for Clan Tag Change is because we are in fact a Prestigious Clan we are NOT you’re Run of the Mil la-di-da clan. Plus there is a HUGE problem with Fraud [rival Clan Members that can/will Impersonate you’re common Gamer-Tag, So having you’re Gamer-tag as -Ranger 12345678- makes it almost Impossible to impersonate.)

Second of all, You MUST HAVE A WORKING MIC. we need to communicate verbally ;]

If you are interested Message me. RANGER 43905826! i cannot wait to recruit you and CHALLENGE other clans!

Are you Ready too fight For the 75th Rangers!?




Hey Ranger just thought i should warn you before others start at you but bump bump bump isnt allowed.
Every post as ive heard needs to have a informative point about updates or whatever for your community/clan/faction/group/guild/chapter ect.