74 kill gameplay my best halo game ever


Sorry I cannot post links yet!

Damn thats quite something

That’s some nervous playing right there, good skill!

Ugh I know your kind, one reason why I dislike playing CTF you just kill ignoring the point of the objective and you even betrayed your own teammates to get more kills.

Nice. I love going for new record kill totals. My record on H4 is 82. I am more proud of my 99 on Halo 2 though. Hell 76 on Halo 3 is extremely good too

HaHAAAA, that -Yoink- was dope! Somebody commented: “You’re like the halo 2 legendary jackal sniper.” Gotta love it, LOL! Can’t say I liked the betraying your guys at the end part though, heh. -Yoink- move :stuck_out_tongue: