700cr for one helmet? Nope

This price is a joke.
Just because its “legendary” which actually has no value as everything is store brought in the first place.

200cr, sure 700? No. I can get a full bundle armour set with visor and stance for 1000 odd cr…


We take credit card.

-404 Industries


Yeah that’s the thing.

The rarities are meaningless because there is literally no other Avenue to acquire items.

In other games you can get awarded drops that have random draws. So yes, rarity makes sense there cause the chances of getting an item goes down the higher the rarity.
But here rarity means nothing, so the pricing means nothing. So for 343 to say to us that this ODST helmet is legendary and priced accordingly is complete bull because it’s had just as much availability as the POP weapon bundle.

The whole game is just built on lies and BS.


I’m right there with you on this one Stitch. 700 for a single helmet is crazy, yet some people are purchasing it.


Well players wanted a way to purchase items outside of a bundle :man_shrugging:

Edit: Not sure what the negative reactions are for, just pointing out y’all got what you asked for :joy:


Oh my god. :joy: They can do no wrong in your eyes.

If you think 700cr for a single item is proportional to the cost of bundles…oh my. Besides, what the community actually wanted was the ability to purchase items individually within the bundles…and that isn’t supported by the game.

The intention of this post was to highlight cost.


I’d laugh, but the state of Halo is just too sad to feel like laughing. :man_facepalming:


I might buy it. Of course I use reward points, not actual money.


Keep in mind, none of any of the various “armor” actually does anything at all and has no value at all whatsoever. If I were you I’d avoid obtaining any of it as a default spartan performs exactly the same as an “armored” one in-game.


What is worse is that the bundle is incomplete.
Originally it WAS going to include a skin, a visor, and the unique helmet attachment that applies to the FIREFALL Helmet.

But the first week they started reducing prices, they started cutting items out of the bundles to be sold later on. So now the bundle is gone and it is a single helmet. Someday down the line, they might include the bundle all together… or just make an ODST themed event to award us with stuff.


Keep in mind we actually do not care

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That’s your problem. Any reasonably intelligent player would not waste their time or money on useless things that added nothing to their gaming experience.


And any intelligent person wouldn’t waste their time making Copy & Paste replies on posts where people like Ask/ Talk about cosmetics and aren’t even going to agree with you because you don’t even listen

Keep up the trolling son, making mother proud

I would be slightly less annoyed if it was 500cr even and came with its helmet attachment (it seems most Mark VII helmets have at least one attachment unique to each helmet). Not only is 700cr an awful lot for one armor piece, but you can’t just purchase exactly 700cr. You have to purchase 1000cr to get the helmet or smaller, less efficient increments.

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I dunno, the cat ears add a lot to my gaming experience.

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reward points lol 20 characters

This is exactly the type of reason why I dropped the game after a few months. There is literally no way to earn most of the armors and the prices are ridiculous and kind of insulting since I paid for the ‘proper’ main game just to have content like this stripped from the main game to cater to the greedy F2P model. I’m sure I’ll return to Infinite someday if things get better but so far threads like this remind me that 343i are still poorly handling the IP.

No matter what 343i thinks about F2P and there stubbornness due to them keep forcing it…I still find 343i’s choices to be ridiculous and is hurting the IP overall because of their poor decision making. Haven’t gone this long without playing Halo in a long time and 343i seriously messed up. I used to play Halo daily and 343i put me off playing as much. I will try to play MCC someday when I can find match’s.


I bought it : ) now I can be ODST with the Zeta Sky coating

I’m probably the best Halo player evvvvvaaarrrrr.

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Those items, how do they help you win games?

Back to pretending again? All you had to do is scroll up for the answer you’re pretending to seek: