70 Members Currently, Adding more for Achilles

Hey Folks,

In 13 days my company has gone from 3 members to 59. We’re growing fast to say the least and I’m still recruiting. We are working towards Achilles, most of us are Gold - Onyx rankings however we welcome any skill level. Laid back, no-hate environment, perfect for solo players or those who just want the armor. We also are developing a game night were the players who want to party up can do so. Non-competitive / non-committal, we’re just here to play some Halo.

Check us out; most of us are from the mid-west but we have a following all over the U.S. and some UK/European members as well. Varying languages and ages.

Read our bio for more information, we try and have something for everyone.

  • Montana, Leader of The Heretic Uprising

60 Members. Everyone loves a play-by-play right?

70 Members, those are still interested; we are filling up fast. We have members from the U.S. as well as growing numbers of European members.

I guess I’m the only Canadian in Herectics uprising… Oh we’ll, we have the most bilingual clan is to what I confirm right now.

from Canada eh? ye be drinkin dat cold wataa eh??

sorry, i do a terrible/slightly-offensive Canadian accent… welcome to the team friend!

I would be very interested in joining. I am somewhat newer to Halo PvP and I am currently battling through silver rank slayer. I am somewhat discouraged from playing solo anymore due to the complete randomness of players I get matched up with (last night I went from silver 3 to silver 1 because people kept leaving or playing badly, 20 and 7 doesn’t carry a team if everyone else is 3 and 16-18). I am looking for people who can give me constructive criticism on my gameplay so that I can improve and rank up and generally have a team to play with so that we can communicate and not worry about people leaving.

If there are still openings me and a friend would like to join.

I’d like to join might be good for finding ppl to play with to.

I’m also n onyx player so I’m good help lol only had the game 3 weeks

I wish i could add more members guys, but my company is officially full. good luck to you guys! if we end up losing a few guys i’ll keep you guys on the list.