7 strong and looking for more recruits!

Spartan Dads

Let’s face it… there comes a point in life where, sadly, you just aren’t going to be able to keep up with the young-ins anymore… all of us in this company may have been, at one point in time, dominate at Halo, and / or video games in general. But those were the glory days. Now we’re just senile old men with poor reflexes, careers, families, and (I think we can all agree), the best thing there is in life… kiddos.

Look, I’m not saying that we won’t win some games. We may even wind up being one of the best Spartan companies in existence (though I sort of doubt it, as we just don’t have the time to invest into video games anymore). But ultimately, we’re just here to have a good time, and share in fun experiences / Halo 5 memories with others who are at the same place in life that we are. We’ve officially become casual gamers, and in our opinion, those are the best kind. Winning is fun, but that’s not what matters most to us anymore… having a good time and relieving ourselves of daily life stresses by shooting bad guys is. And that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Here’s hoping to network and get to know some of you in the months to come, and we look forward to gaming with you all and adding to our company!

Just kidding, let’s make that 8 strong, looking for the 9th recruit!