7 maps ?

are the 7 maps on the disk , or when you load the game you have to log on to download them

why do i ask because i have because hear lots of things , like it’s like the odst disk , or you have reach download on your xbox , it is just like all other disk you just play, so which is it ?

From what I’ve heard, it’s a form of DLC, and it’s MP on the disc that is a clone of Reach’s MP, but instead of Reach’s campaign, you get CE’s.

From the Halo Bulletin. Hope this answers your question.

> The Anniversary Map Pack, which includes six multiplayer maps along with one Firefight map, will be available on November 15th for 1200 Microsoft Points. This means even Halo: Reach fans can take part in Anniversary!
> Before we dip into each of the maps, I thought I would walk you through some of the different scenarios you may find yourself in on November 15th. Halo: Anniversary and the Anniversary Map Pack are two different pieces of content, so here are the various ways to access the maps.
> • If you own Halo: Anniversary but not Halo: Reach, you will launch the Anniversary maps from the disc menu.
> • If you own Halo: Anniversary and Halo: Reach, we recommend installing the maps using the Anniversary Map Pack code that comes with Anniversary. You will then be able to launch the Anniversary maps from both the Anniversary and Reach menus.
> • If you purchase the Anniversary Map Pack, you will install the maps like any other piece of DLC. You will then be able to launch the Anniversary maps from the Reach menu.