7 daily bundles this month. Given 3x each

Every daily bundle last week (week 2)
was from winter update week (week 1)

Today fire and frost, is back for the third time this month…

7 unique bundles in the last 15 days.

Kinda sad

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Welcome to Halo Infinite.

We don’t like change here :smirk:

we don’t like good change

The Enigma bundle back again… yay…

I appreciate that 343 hears the feedback about FOMO, and are trying to give people more opportunities to pick things up. They’re just going a little overboard with it, IMO.

or rather, they want to make sure people buy their 10$ AI and 15$ armor because they know the one time they appeared in past year they sold really well. So those who kicked themselves because they missed them the first time will surely buy it now.

Make no mistake, this is FOMO at its finest.

I feel the reason their repeating the same bundles may be due to the fact they know alot of us will be away for thanksgiving therefore they don’t want to put anything new in the shop that players might miss out on.

Yeah, this seems to be a very strange choice on 343’s part. Given that the store during this Winter Update non-season is a chance to give people another chance to pick things up from the previous seasons, they’ve got a lot to pick from. You’d think they’d cycle through a lot of different items. Heck, I’d say there shouldn’t even be ones that stay up a whole week before being replaced the following week. What are normally the weekly bundles should only be up a few days before being swapped out with new ones. Have Zaveda pack for 2 or 3 days, then swap that out with the Stormfall pack, then swap that with the HAZOP pack, etc.

There are probably several packs that released in Infinite’s first few months that people originally held back on buying because of the ridiculously high price on them (Wasn’t Hazop’s first release $20 or something outrageous like that?), or just newer players in general, who might now be interested in picking them up should they become available again.

Feels weird seeing Enigma up so much. It originally only popped up once before.

yea, its like they hear what players are saying, but it doesnt really register.

Fans: “can you guys rotate past item into the store?”

343: “sure here”

fans: “we meant like all of it, not just the same 7 dailys”

ngl scuffed shop since the winter launch. wolf shoulders were fire and it was cool seeing old stuff again after a while but just like always, they fumble the bag right as they’re about to reach that finish line.


Release it once , oops you missed it.


Release 7 bundles over amd over to eliminate chances on other missed bundles.

Personally, this game is not up to a state that i would want to spend money in it.