7 BR Shots (close range). Video, what happened?

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I posted this in the Halo MCC forum but thought I could post it here too. The topic says it all, an entire game I felt like it was taking way too many shots to kill people. And then this happened and I knew something is seriously messed up. Has this happened to anybody else? I put 7 full BR shots into a guy at close range and he was able to walk away.

Check the video out (only 8 seconds long)

Halo MCC (H2A Playlist) - YouTube

This is absolutely unacceptable. On top of not being able to play this game with my friends, being constantly matched against level 1’s… Now the amount of BR shots it takes to kill someone will change each game.

Here is an alternate 3rd person view showing 21 bullets clearly hitting the blue guy
Halo MCC H2A - YouTube

It’s hard to see from the quality, but I believe you missed a lot of those.

1 - Miss
2 - Hit
3 - Hit
4 - Miss
5 - Miss
6.1, 6.2 - Miss
6.3 - Hit
7 - Hit
8.1 - Hit
8.2, 8.3 - Miss

3 2/3 hit him, which would take him to no shields.

It could also be a P2P host like this game was for me


Watch this video from a different angle.

I count at LEAST 20 bullets hitting him

Edit: I count 21