60 reasons why

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  1. It’s Call of Duty in space.
  2. Ordinance Drops, random and unbalanced.
  3. NO SMG’s.
  4. NO Brute shots.
  5. The campaign SUCKED.
  6. Theater mode is a downgrade. Can’t even watch games from campaign and spartan ops.
  7. The forge mode is a downgrade and SUCKS.
  8. The ranking system sucks. (SR is lame and you know it)Takes no time to reach the highest rank, it’s not even a real ranking system.
  9. The multiplayer maps SUCKS.
  10. Spartan Ops is BORING.
  11. The LAG.
  12. Customizable loadouts SUCKS.
  13. The game isn’t competitive.
  14. There is NO hornet or even a UNSC flying vehicle.
  15. The main menu SUCKS. Halo Reach had a better menu.
  16. NO Classic playlist, Team slayer, no AA’s, etc…
  17. Can’t even make classic playlists thanks to sprint.
  18. You can’t disable sprint.
  19. No infection because Flood SUCKS.
  20. The join session in progress is broken and SUCKS.
  21. The armor sucks, except for a very few which no one cares about.
  22. The female model is ridiculous.
  23. The characters are boring.
  24. Master Chief has gone soft.
  25. NO Arbiter in the game, wasn’t even mentioned.
  26. The boltshot is a shotgun which you can spawn with, it’s nonsense.
  27. Vehicles are USELESS, since anyone can spawn with plasma pistols and stickies and destroy them like nothing.
  28. Rotating playlists SUCKS.
  29. No multi-team playlist.
  30. The specialization code crap. They couldn’t even get them all out to people correctly.
  31. It’s Halo: Reach 2 but worse.
  32. You die way too quickly in this game, reminds me of Call of Duty.
  33. No scarabs.
  34. No memorable fights.
  35. The last mission SUCKED, didn’t even fight the Didact, just a short boring cutscene.
  36. The spartan simulator crap is stupid. Which leads to number 37.
  37. NO elites in MP.
  38. NO race gametype.
  39. NO assault gametype.
  40. NO Invasion gametype.
  41. The file share system has still not been fixed, the game’s been out since November 2012.
  42. Specializations are stupid.
  43. NO social playlists.
  44. The mantis…enough said.
  45. Custom games are a joke.
  46. No dual wielding.
  47. No de-scoping when shot.
  48. Only being able to pick up grenades through having a perk.
  49. Instant respawn SUCKS.
  50. The killcam SUCKS.
  51. Dropped weapons disappear too quickly.
  52. No red X on dead teammates.
  53. Promethean vision SUCKS.
  54. NO map control what so ever.
  55. Due to loadouts, lower level players have a disadvantage.
  56. The thruster pack SUCKS.
  57. The DMR is a starter sniper rifle.
  58. Regicide SUCKS. Why not just put in a normal FFA?
  59. MLG dropped Halo 4 because it SUCKS.
  60. The Halo 4 fanboys SUCKS!!!

Seriously? This topic again? This is sad.

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MY SIDES! hahahahahahah they’re killing me.

1 reason why you will get banned:

  1. You are a terrible reposting troll

> Seriously? This topic again? This is sad.

I actually enjoyed reading the list :stuck_out_tongue:

> > Seriously? This topic again? This is sad.
> I actually enjoyed reading the list :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, maybe reading for the lulz and that, but this is the second time this day…

Trolling attempt:failed

Honestly, I stopped reading at “It’s Call of Duty in space”. Halo is NOT Call of Duty! There may be a few similarities, but they play completely differently.

Halo 4 has it’s problems, but it’s obvious that 343 is working on fixing them. If you really think it sucks that much, then just don’t play it.

Only 5 reasons the rest are sub reasons of reasons already said Campain sucks says u then later u complain about it again learn to list a little better should put 5 reasons then explian them for future reference

Inb4 lock and reported. Your list is crap any way.

> > > Seriously? This topic again? This is sad.
> >
> > I actually enjoyed reading the list :stuck_out_tongue:
> Yeah, maybe reading for the lulz and that, but this is the second time this day…

Yes for the lulz, I have seen everyone of these in some form or other throughout the past couple months.