$60 for Past Games, but How Much $$ for These Cosmetics?

So I’ve heard the argument that these cosmetics are needed to make up the money 343 would have lost due to its being a free game. I completely understand that. However, it seems like 343 is trying to make more money. MUCH more. So really, the analogy would be $30 for past games, because we still have to pay for the campaign. So let’s split it down the middle. You would have paid $30 for past multiplayers, but you would have all the cosmetic options at your disposal to grind for. Only thing you’d have to pay for is DLC map packs. If you spent that same amount of money in this store, how much would you get? How much money would you have to spend to get the same bang for your buck? Noted, there is inflation. $30 in 2010 (let’s use Reach as an example) would be $37.08. How much would you get for that? And noted, you can still grind for plenty of it. So what if you only paid $10 for a blue and black coating and $20 for a white speckled coating (these are real figures). Then maybe bought a helmet with cat ears on it. You would have spent the same amount you would have previously and you would have to grind for the rest of it, though there may be stuff in the future you would need to buy a battle pass for that you still wouldn’t have access to. I understand this is a free multiplayer, but that doesn’t change the fact that there seems to be a massive disparity between what you would have paid for this stuff back in the day and what you have to pay for it now. I’m not boycotting the game or marching on 343’s headquarters or anything. I’m just concerned about this. Still uber hyped for this game, but I hate to see something like this hurting the game. Please let me know how y’all feel about this. Is there some reason the prices should be this way that I haven’t thought of? Idk, I’m here to listen. Sound off.


$0 because MP is free and cosmetics are completely unnecessary. I’ve never payed any attention to the challenges and I haven’t bought the battle pass and yet I have put hours into a game that has cost me nothing.

What I meant was how much would you have to pay to have the cosmetic options. Maybe you don’t have to pay for them cause you don’t want them, but everyone else has to pay your share of the lost revenue

There are going to be 88 items monetized. The community calculated to just over $1000 USD for everything :confused:

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Jesus man. I just heard Microsoft spent $500 million on this game. I think I know where the -Yoink!- lies

So realistically $20 because most people will buy the one set that looks cool to them?

That thread was hyperbole to the extreme. No -Yoink!- if you buy every single item in a store its going to be expensive, that’s kind of how stores work. They have a variety of items for a variety of tastes and its not designed with the intent of you buying everything.

Alternatively, you get a game completely for free and you don’t need to ever spend money which is exactly what I plan to do. I can’t see my own character, why do I give a damn what he looks like? I’ve already gotten well over 50 hours in the game and I haven’t spent a dime on it.

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Really? Most people will only want one set of armor? And one color scheme? That’s at least $30 right there. The price of the multiplayer, were it not free. If they just paid $30 for it, they could try out many different armor sets and colors, because realistically, you know we all mixed and matched different armors we unlocked and changed colors all the time. There’s not nearly as much return on investment with this. Well, I mean for the player, not Microsoft

You know, I know, and we all know that’s not how it’s going to work. There’s going to be parts in different bundles you want, because it’s all or nothing. Want that helmet? Gotta buy that bundle with 6 other items you’ll never use. Those shoulder pads strike your fancy? Here’s some random junk with it that we can’t sell otherwise.

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ah… remember how with games of old they made LOTS OF MONEY just off of the game being 60 and the additional dlc? without conpromising the player friendly aspect of it? it really seems like 343 made it f2p so that they could have an excuse to monetize halo being belief. like even if you didn’t care about the customization… a game should be fun to all. and also games of old made high standareds for halo.
for example… reach had a cycle. show the armor, rank up to unlock them and by that point you’l have enough Cr to get at least one. but also by then the game shows better armor, but at a higher rank, so you rank up and probably by now have enough Cr for the new stuff. thus the cycle repeats, keeping the player interested to keep playing. whiles also having a fun gameplay loop.
but okay, what about halo 5? sure it’s monetized as well, but you can focus on the gameplay, entirely on the gameplay. whiles earning req points on the side. by playing a few games, you’re garentied something. and if you didn’t care about cosmetics, the gameplay was still fun.
Infinite has no reason to keep playing, no progression system that isn’t the BP. what is free is practically nothing… and the gameplay, personaly, isn’t at all good.
also they sold the fact that this game’s customization will be more expansive and you can earn it all through playing the game. the custimization is not at all expansive, and quite frankly expensive because ‘free to play’. i hate what halo has become and i honest to god hope that halo dies at infinite. 343 had made the grave and is now milking what little remains before halo falls over and into said grave

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This ruins the fun factor. I think you make the biggest point of all. How can they expect to draw in more people if they poison the waters like this?

Halo 2 only had ranks for progression. Didn’t stop people from playing that game for years.

Since when is “progression” necessary to have fun in a game like Halo?

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In 2007 you could earn a full set of armor in various ways
In 2021 you can pay for the colour red

Armor was a trophy long ago, to show off that you’ve completed certain feats, now your armor shows off how much money you have

I was expecting to lose some things in the transition to free-to-play but I wasn’t really expecting to lose so much.

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yeah? well a rank is still a form of progression… also it makes monkey brain go brrrr-