6 years ago, the "Legacy" Thumbstick Layout was broken with the release of the "Modern" aiming in the MCC. It's still broken today

Here is an excerpt from a post written by reddit user u/RaxZergling on this topic. Keep in mind this was posted 6 years ago to r/halo:

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"Awhile back us legacy players were vocal about our control sticks being broken in H2A and H4. 343 had inadvertently switched legacy sticks to act as if they were default sticks. 343 quickly recognized this problem for our small population and it was eventually fixed after what seemed like a month or two.

I still to this day have not enjoyed the newly remastered maps on H2A because legacy controls are still broken - but it isn’t just a simple swap with default controls that’s wrong this time.

Any experienced legacy player will immediately notice the sensitivity feels off on H4 and H2A engines. It feels like your aimer is moving at about 1/10th the speed it should. I literally cranked my sensitivity up to 10 on H2A and wish I could go higher when I normally play on a 3-4 because it realistically feels like a 1-2 while on TEN ."

RaxZergling continues on and puts this into plain English:

" Just talking about this joystick, this means a legacy player cannot correct aim left and right while moving for cover. This means a legacy player cannot simply round a corner sharply - instead they make huge, slow, wide semi-truck turns. This affects DI (directional influence) in the air and makes jumping shortcut on lockout almost impossible (do to how you need to turn/twist midair to make the jump comfortably). It makes snapping (the time it takes to turn to a target and start shooting) almost impossible even on a level surface. The list goes on…

In short, legacy settings are currently unplayable on the newer engines still . I don’t know if 343 has noticed this and I surely don’t see the amount of complaints I used to see (when they were flat out the wrong settings). I don’t know if my fellow legacy players have given up hope or just don’t care anymore :(. In the end I’ve bought an XB1, paid for 6-7 months of XBL gold and purchased H:MCC and still haven’t been able to enjoy the new content at all due to broken controls."

THAT problem was mostly fixed. Mostly. It was fixed completely on the left stick, but it still exists SIX. YEARS. LATER. On the right stick. And yes, this problem has carried over into Halo Infinite, so us Legacy stick players are still dealing with this every time we play Halo Infinite.

We can not Look Up or Look Down while Strafing Left or Right. For those who don’t know what Legacy is, the Right Stick on the Legacy Thumbstick Layout has functions: Strafe Left, Strafe Right, Look Up, Look Down. So if you’re a Legacy Sticks player and you want to Strafe Left or Right to make yourself a harder target to hit AND Look Up/Look Down to track an enemy Spartan as he moves around and jumps, you will NOT be able to Look Up or Down if you are Strafing Left or Right.

6 years later and this problem still exists. All this ruckus over battle pass and progression and Slayer playlists etc, means nothing to a Legacy Thumbsticks player. If the stick layout I’ve been using for the past 20 years straight doesn’t even WORK, how could I possibly enjoy anything at all about Halo Infinite? Please fix this issue, I would love to install Halo Infinite and continue playing with my friends. I also made a very descriptive, long and detailed video demonstration and breakdown of this issue. You can see that video by going to YouTube and pasting the title of the video into the search box on YouTube:

Legacy Thumbsticks Strafe/Look issue in Halo Infinite. Please fix!!


I agree they should fix it, but it seems they’re busy with bigger problems right now

Evidently yes, it’s still broken after 6 years. It’s just… a disaster for legacy players. I suspect virtually all legacy players have long since discarded Halo, which is why I don’t see it talked about anymore. But I tried Halo Infinite, made it to Diamond 6 and I couldn’t bear to deal with it anymore. My patience had run out along with the honeymoon period. At least in CoD I get to feel like everyone else and complain about the same things everyone else complains about in CoD, because the -Yoink!- controls actually work in that game. And every other non-Halo game. But in Halo I couldn’t care less about the battle pass, progression or armor unlocks etc, because this problem with Legacy is so much bigger for me than all of that combined

I myself have been frustrated for years because of the legacy strafe aiming issue. and it seems like they dont give a crap. i’m also at a diamond 6 and at a major disadvantage to progress. I Really hope they fix this asap if not back to COD will be.

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